Your People Office is proud to introduce MyAlliance.

Alliance is implementing a self-service portal that will be continually adding new features throughout the first quarter of 2012. This new portal will be called MyAlliance and it is simple and easy to use. The portal will be used to access HR, payroll, benefits and training. It allows the People Office to improve the service we provide.

We all currently use self-service portals to get money from bank ATMs, pay for gas at gas stations and to buy groceries and other items on line; this portal will allow Associates to control their payroll, tax, benefits, career and Associate information without having to submit paperwork and the change happens at that moment! You will even be able to view and print your paystubs from My Alliance.

The good news? MyAlliance is available wherever you are; it gives you more control and allows you to be in charge of your information in a safe and secure environment at a time thatís convenient for you.

Link to Enrollment page:

You will be required to enter a passcode. This will be allresco-benefits.

Please refer to to the resource links on for important information regarding the program.